Score! Match📜 Complete Guide for Speedster!⚡No More Reckless Dribbles👋

Speedster is the fastest among the normal players in Score! Match👑


  • He’s fast but he loses the ball so quickly with THAT reckless dribbling! I don’t wanna use him anymore🤮
  • Yes he can create goal opportunities for himself with his pace, yet HE SUCK AT SHOOTING WTF😡

Can you relate?🤔

Ok, then this article is for you…😏

In this article, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to use speedster correctly!

You’re going to learn

  • How to pass in such a way that the speedster won’t start narcissistic dribbling
  • How to make the speedster dribble effectively
  • How to turn a speedster into a goal generator
  • Defence and other roles he can play

After reading this article, I promise all the issues you’ve had with speedster would be solved!🤞

Let’s get started!

First, I’m going to teach you how to pass a speedster! If you follow the advice, you will be able to use his ability to its fullest!

through pass

As many of you may know, speedster loves to receive through passes!

The key point is to

  • Try to pass a bit stronger than usual

In that way, Speedster can use his pace to leave the defender behind and can avoid getting tackled.

horizontal pass

What to do if the passer and the speedster (receiver) are in the same horizontal line?

What I recommend is to

  1. pass to the space behind the speedster
  2. speedster moves backwards to receive the pass

After doing this, the speedster is much less likely to start his usual risky moves!

forward pass

Same thing can be applied to when the passer and the speedster are in the same vertical line.

You can pass to the space behind the speedster and he’ll play more cautiously.

“back through pass”

What if you wanted to pass to the speedster who was behind?

Ok, today I want to solve all of your problems you have speedster with this one simple technique!

The technique is called “back through pass“!

Do you get the idea what it is just by seeing its name?🤔

Ok, if you don’t, I’m going to explain to you.

All you have to do is to

  • pass to the space behind speedster as if you’re performing a through pass backwards
  • speedster runs down the pitch to get the ball

Yeah, it’s pretty simple…

Yet by doing this, the speedster will play more cautiously.

Of course, sometimes he won’t, so do this only when you have no other choices.

You may want to choose to do nothing and give your opponent a free kick instead.

That’s your choice.

“to the corner”

This one is also useful!

What you’re going to do is to

  • perform a through pass to the corner
  • speedster runs towards the corner and gets the ball before the defender

Do this when you feel like you have no other choices.

The speedster can get at least a corner kick or throw in even if he gets tackled!

grounded (low) cross

If you want to perform a grounded (low) crossing ball to a speedster, you can use his speed!

  • intentionally provide a shorter pass

so that he can touch the ball faster than the defender!


Next tip is dribbling! There are two types of effective dribbling I want you to use…

“come here”👋

First one is “come here” dribbling!

Suppose the number 30 is the passer in the picture below.

What we’re going to do is to

  1. choose (tap) the speedster as receiver
  2. passer (number 30) passes to the space just around himself
  3. speedster runs towards the passer and gets the ball
  4. start dribbling

Do this when

  • you’re sure that speedster can get the ball before anybody else
  • there is enough space for speedster to dribble
  • you feel like it’s better to make speedster dribble than to pass to him

Make sure you tap the speedster to choose him as a receiver before passing!

“the switch “🙌

Next technique is called “the switch” among the pro Score! Match players! (It’s a lie I just made it up lol)

All you’re going to do is the same as the previous technique, “come here”.

The difference is that the passer (number 11) is really close to the speedster (number 7).

This technique is really effective and oftentimes, you would know that your opponent is confused when you do this!


Poor shooting is one of the main reasons beginners may hate using speedster, yet I’m going to tell you,


The correct way for the speedster to shoot is to

  • shoot straight
  • and fast (strong)

That’s it!

When you shoot with a speedster, draw a straight line like the picture below.

If you can draw the line with speed, shoots would be more powerful and you’re going to score more with speedster.


There are not much to say about defence, yet here some things you should know about

  • speedsters are great at defending against long counters
  • they are not so good at defending against possession teams
  • they are great at tackling, less likely to give penalties than Explorer


Generally, speedster is great for playing with the two roles: forward and defender.

I’m going to explain the pros and cons for each position.

forward & winger🔫


  • can use the space behind the opponent’s defenders


  • likely to get a counter attack when he gets tackled
  • cannot win air battle



  • great for preventing conceding a goal from counter attacks
  • can tackle without giving a penalty to the opponent


  • likely to lose air battle
  • can be in a wrong position / cannot mark a player all the time
  • can lose ball with reckless dribbling

With that being said, I’m a big fan of putting a speedster in the defence!


OK, these are everything you need to know about Speedster!

If you follow the advice, you’ll enjoy the advantages the player has to the fullest!

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