Score! Match⚽Emoji Tips😜Welcome to the “Dark Side” of Football…😈

Score! Match is a

  • fun game you can play casually with mobile!😊

Yet, have you ever thought

  • Omg the opponent’s emojis are really, really annoying! I’mma quit this!!!🤬


I have to tell you this here… You’ve got ONLY two choices,

  • Cry & rage over and over again to the opponent’s ruthless emoji attacks!😭
  • Master the art of emoji mind game and make ’em cry hard!😈

You can quit reading this article here…

But haven’t you started reading this article because you wanted to win in score! match, so hard?

Yes you do…😏

Then it’s time for you to learn what all it takes to be a champion!🏆🎉

In this article, I’m going to teach you everything about

  • The dark art of emoji psychology😈

I promise, after reading this article, you’ll triumph like never before…



😈the kickoff: make ’em confused!

Ok, BEFORE we get into this article, I WARN YOU!

What I’m going to teach you here might go against your

  • morals
  • values

Are you okay with that?😏

I think you do, because you’ve got those eyes telling me “you want it all”…!

tip1: pretending to be a gentleman☺️🐍

First tip is like this

  1. greet with respectful emojis🤝
  2. wait until your opponent makes a mistake
  3. suddenly start mocking👏

This will create emotions in the opponent’s head! such as

  • confusion
  • humiliation
  • anger

Because you’re such a gentleman (greeted with such emojis), yet you started mocking because the opponent’s failure was so stupid!


In this way, you can make your opponent less focused on the game itself, more on their own mind’s chatter…

Believe me, tips like this works like a charm!

tip2: sudden hand shake🤝

Next tip is my favourite!

  1. remain silent
  2. wait until your opponent encounters difficult situation
  3. suddenly greet with 🤝

Yes, it’s evil, really evil, yet it works… lol

After sending the 🤝emoji, your opponent is most likely thinking

  1. oh wait, he sent me🤝emoji🤔
  2. I think it’s a bit late yet he must be a nice guy🤔
  3. should I react with the same emoji?🤔
  4. oh well but I’m so busy rn what do I do…😖


Again, we succeeded in making the opponent more focused on their mind rather than on the game!

This is so important!😏

tip3: confirmation hand shake🤝…🤔…🤝

Soooo, what if the opponent ignored our sudden 🤝?

Don’t worry, our dark lord has another plan for sure…

  1. wait
  2. send the🤝emoji again as if your opponent ignored the previous one UNINTENTIONALLY
  3. repeat 1&2
  4. send the😲emoji as if you’re thinking “omg I’m so surprised by how rude you are, you ignoring my greetings!”

Then the opponent’s thinking like

  1. !?
  2. ok dude’s sending me that emoji again
  3. he must be overly polite / maybe he’s playing’ with me?
  4. ok let’s react with🤝emoji / omg he’s real annoying😒


We made the situation where the opponent can’t focus on the game again!

tip4: “🤝… 🤔… wtf are you disrespecting me!?😡😡😡

What if the opponent keeps ignoring even after tip 4?

  1. get angry!😡😡😡
  2. or cry like a baby😭😭😭

Again, your opponent will get confused because 99% of the players haven’t done things like this! lol

tip5: suddenly disrespectful😜

So what do we do if the opponent reacts with the🤝emoji?

There are two options!

  • wait and repeat 1-4 out of context
  • immediately reply with😜

Either way, your opponent will be distracted like wtf!🤯



😈the defense: surprise ’em!

In this section, we’re going to learn how to distract the opponent when they are trying to shoot!

tip6: cry like a baby!😡😡😡😭😭😭

The most basic method is to use the emoji combos right before the opponent is trying to shoot!

  • angry 😡😡😡
  • sad 😭😭😭

It’s going to be annoying as hell for the opponent…🤦‍♂️😂

tip7: the ultimate combo😡😭

Next tip is using the ultimate emoji combo…

  • 😡😭

To use this emoji combo properly, there should be no break between the angry emoji and the sad emoji…

That would make a very strange sound!

This is by far the most effective emoji combo I’ve discovered!

tip8: suddenly willing to communicate …😜

This tip should be used by itself…

  1. remain silent until the opponent has a goal opportunity
  2. suddenly send the😜emoji

This will simply beat the expectation of the opponent that “ok this guy’s silent so let’s chill” at the perfect timing!



😈the celebration: the arrogant flexer!

Celebration is important!

With being done properly, you can break the hope of coming back for the opponent, mentally!

tip9: pretending to be a gentleman 2🤫🐍

This tip is to enhance the effectiveness of the tips I’m going to give you later…

  • Right before shooting, send the🤝emoji

This will give the vibes like “omg dude’s so polite wow”, just to break the expectation later…

In addition, this tip actually improves your accuracy of shot!

Just try it!

By doing this regularly like a ritual, you’ll notice you can be more relaxed before shooting!

tip10: celebrate as if you won the world cup final🤪

OK, now you’ve actually scored!

What would you do? Of course, celebrate! yet, like you’ve won the world cup final or something😅

  • 😡😭😡😭😡😭emoji combo (do it fast)
  • 😡😭👏😲🤣emoji combo (slowly)

After this, the opponent’s kick-off often become a mess and you’ll soon get the second goal!😉



😈the provocation: disrespectful & playful

Now let’s learn how to provoke the opponent in other situations…

tip11: pretending to be a gentleman 3😏🐍

After celebrating the goal like a monkey,

  • send the🤝emoji as if you’re back to a gentleman!

and start mocking again…😜

tip12: fake surprised😲

I heard these days some people fake depression just to seek attention…

WE, instead, get fake surprises just to make the opponent fail!

  • send😲emoji out of context
  • as if you’re surprised how weak the opponent is!


tip13: suddenly actually a gentleman👏😃

Some opponents are mentally strong, and none of the tips above do not affect them at all!

Hey, we’ve got a plan still..😏

After being a immature clown🤡 for a minute or so,

  • praise the opponent with👏when the opponent done some great pass / tackle!

This will make them think like

  • why is this dude so polite to me suddenly???🤔

Again, we succeeded at distracting the opponent from the game!😏

tip14: cry when you missed opportunities😢

Another way to attack the opponent with some surprise…

Is to cry when you miss good opportunities!

  • you failed at something like shoot / pass
  • cry with emoji combo😡😭

You’ve been really cocky and arrogant throughout the game, yet you suddenly become soft like a crybaby…

The contrast would would add more to the opponent’s confusion!😏




That’s it guys…

What did you think about those evil tactics?😈

Just try them out… you’ll get amazing results, I promise!

Of course, you can come up with your own ways!😉

The most important thing is, you’ll no longer disturbed by other players provocative emojis…

You can laugh everything away and you’ll be at peace I promise! ☺️



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😉 Tell us what you think! 😉


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