Score! Match⚽5-3-2 Tips🛡️Most Defensive Formation Ever! (win 1-0)

Score! Match is a

  • a fun game you can play with mobile!⚽☺️


  • My defense is a mess!😖 I concede two goals early in the game and it’s over!🤬
  • I always concede goals by counter attacks! AHHHH😩

Okay, then I have a great formation for you!🤭

In this article, I’m going to teach you everything about “The Most Defensive Formation Ever”, 5-3-2!

I promise, after reading this article

  • your defense will be as solid as “Italian Catenaccio”
  • you can win against strong opponents with 1-0 score
  • you can even win against level all 10 squad in infinity arena with level 8 players!



The ultimate squad for the 5-3-2 is below!

  • GK: Stopper
  • CB: Intruder & Speedster x2
  • SB: Producer & Architect (or Explorer x2)
  • CM: Guard x2 & Commander
  • FW: Hammer & Prowler

💎Ideally, you should convert your captain to speedster!

💎However, you can replace players you don’t have with similar ones.

  • Speedster ≒ Intruder ≒ Infiltrator
  • Commander ≒ Guard ≒ Protector

OK, now let’s learn about the intent behind this selection of players!

Q. Why do you use “stopper” as GK?🤔

A. That’s because he’s hands down the best GK in the game!

Compare how many goals each GK has conceded in your stats!

Q. Why do you use “intruder” & “Speedster” as CD?🤔

A. In order to cope with counter attacks!

Ideally, we want to our centerbacks to be fast & tall!

However, we cannot get such players in Score! Match unless we have level 10 superplayers…😑

So we chose to place the fastest players in the center back position!

Believe me, my guys are all level 8, yet they play really well against level 10s in the infinity arena!

Q. Why do you use “Producer” & “Architect” as sb?🤔

A. In order to create chaos in the opponent’s defense!

It may be counterintuitive to some folks, that we placed technical players inside the back position.

Yet, it works!

How does it work?🤔


  1. producer and architect can hold the ball long
  2. opponent’s defense will try to tackle them
  3. yet they can either avoid / pass before they get tackled

If either of them do the action written above, even once, surely it will create a mess in the opponent’s defense!

Like this👇

That will make it more difficult for opponents to defend!

In addition, putting them in the squad will increase their possession.

More possession, less chances for the opponent, because we put fastest players in the center backs so they cannot perform counter attacks effectively!😏

Alternatively, you can use Explorers if you prefer them.

Q. Why do you use “Guard” & “commander” as CM?🤔

A. For ball possession and interception!

The central midfielders are key to this formation in terms of possession.

This is because they always choose safe moves! They don’t try risky dribbles so we can retain the ball! (can avoid counter attacks as well)🤗

In terms of defense, they are fast to get back the ball to prevent counter attacks, and they are really good at man marking too!

Q. Why do you use “hammer” & “prowler” as fw?🤔

A. In order to shoot from a distance! (less counter attacks for the opponent)

We placed Hammer and Prowler there because they always try to shoot, instead of dribbling.

This is great because placing fast players in forward tends to increase the chance of the opponent’s counter attacks… that seems to be a common mistake people make in this formation.🙄

With a hammer and prowler, we can always end the attack with a shot. The best way to prevent counter attacks.

With that being said, players who try this formation want to be good at long / middle range shots!

Read this article in order to master the art of shooting in score! match😉

Additionally, they are good at passing, especially when they are marked by defenders!

The possession: patiently wait for the opportunity!😗

Ok, now let’s learn about the tactics!

In this formation, we basically retain the ball with five players

  • Guard x2
  • Commander
  • Producer
  • Architect

These five players line up horizontally when we are in possession like below

Plus, we have two forwards. These are the players to pass to when

  • there is an obvious goal opportunity for the forward
  • there is nowhere else to pass to (CM & SB are already marked)

So, technically, we have two horizontal lines of possession

  • Forwards
  • Central Midfielders & Side Backs

Understanding this is a first step!

Next, what we are going to do here is

  1. retain the ball with five players (CM & SB) + two forwards
  2. wait patiently until the opponent’s defense collapses


As additional information, I recommend this method for kick off

  1. pass the ball back to the goalkeeper
  2. pass to the “five players (CM & SB), SB are the best
  3. retain the ball

The goal: long / middle range shots🔫

OK, now let’s move on to the next step!

How do we score?

  1. retain the ball with five players (CM & SB) + two forwards
  2. wait patiently until the opponent’s defense collapses
  3. pass to the forwards when they seem to have clear opportunity to score

The two forwads are really quick to decide to shoot, so the opponent’s defender would have little time to prevent them!😘

As I’ve written before, that’s why you need to be good at long / middle range shots in order to score from this formation!

Read this article in order to master the art of shooting in score! match😉

Crossing the ball from Architect to Hammer would be a great way to score when the opponent’s defender is not so tall. Of course!

The defense: call us “anti football”!🤡

Ok, now let’s move on to the best part of this formation, defense!

Personally, I believe there is nothing complicated about defense in this formation, just follow a few rules and do nothing stupid! and you’ll gert great results!

first rule: the order of pressing

First rule is the order of pressing

  1. first, forward in the near side
  2. second, central midfielder in the near side

Simple. Cool!

If the opponent changed their attacking side, just start pressing from the CM on that side! (omit first step)

second rule: positioning of the side back

Second rules is

  • don’t overuse side backs for pressing

Look at the image below.

The left Producer’s positioning is not good because he places himself too high, so that the opponent can easily use the space behind him.

That’s not good!

So the takeaway here is

  • Only use sidebacks for pressing / tackle if the chance of getting the ball is high

Ok? Ok.

If you follow the two rules, your defense will become really solid!

The penalty: the ultimate method🎯

Since this formation is quite defensive, you’ll get a lot of penalty shootouts.

Hence, It’s essential to read this article and master the art of penalty shootout!😉


That’s it folks…

Well, you might not understand the power of this formation yet, just by reading an article…

Yet, just try it, you’ll be amazed by how solid the defense is, and how smooth the transition from offense to defense is, and how sophisticated the possession is…

Have a good day brothers & sisters!😘

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😉 Tell us what you think! 😉


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