Score! Match Shooting Tips! The “Secret Tricks” of Shooting for Each Player!⚽

Score! Match is

  • a fun game you can play casually with mobile😎

Yet, have you ever thought

  • my players are terrible at shooting!!!🤬

Don’t worry brothers & sisters!😉

If you read this article, you can learn everything about

  • characteristics of shooting for each normal player
  • how to decide the best move in different situations

I promise you’ll get much better result after reading this article!☺️

Let’s get started!



🎯1. Producer – “The master shooter”

Soooo, the Producer is the best shooter, I don’t think much explanation is needed!😊

When shooting with the Producer, you can go for the most difficult places to shoot, preferably the far post!

This one easy af.😴 Let’s move on to the tricky one…

(Attribution) Football Goal Post Vectors by Vecteezy



🎯2. speedster – “The straight shooter”

Ever thought,

“Speedsters are just bad at shooting… It’s such a shame he misses every great opportunity… I don’t want to use him anymore!”

I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG!🥶

It’s just that, you don’t know how to use him!

Below are the shooting tips for Speedsters you needed to know!

  • SHOOT STRAIGHT (never ever go for curl!)
  • Shoot with power (move your finger quickly)
  • Scores from difficult angles (probably the best)
  • Always think about getting corner kicks

If you want to score with Speester, you have to shoot as straight as Dwayne Johnson!😂

Speedster is fantastic at shooting from difficult angles also.


Maicon's Goal Vs North Korea World Cup 2010 (No Shakeings)

Ever encountered a situation like this? (He loves this angle)

Just shoot straight! With as much power as possible!



🎯3. infiltrator & intruder – “lowkey curve lover”

Common mistakes beginners tend to make is that,

“OK, Infiltrator is similar to Speedster so let me shoot as straight as Dwayne Johnson”

No! Things aren’t as simple as that!🤦‍♂️

You need to know that,

  • Infiltrator & Intruder lowkey like curling shots

The point is the word “lowkey“.😉

They aren’t as technically sophisticated as Producer, yet they still, like to curl the ball.

So when shooting with these players, think about adding a little extra curve to the shoot.

If you try to shoot straight, the ball would end up outside the goal or inside the goalkeeper’s hands.😒



🎯4. Prowler – “near post lover”

There are a lot of strange things in the world… right?

One strange thing in Score! Match is that…

  • Prowlers like near post!

I don’t know why, yet it is what it is…😅

Of course it depends on the situation, yet think shooting at the near post as priority when it comes to Prowlers.

Keep that in mind folks!



🎯5. hammer – “The Long range god”

Hammer is a fun player to shoot, isn’t he?

His power makes it possible to score from long distances!

Whenever you have the chance to shoot with Hammer from long distance, use his power to score the best goal of the season!😲

One thing you have to be aware is that,

  • Hammer lowkey likes straight shots

Yes, you can put curve to his shooting, yet if you do that too much, it would be either

  • he misses the target
  • or the ball loses its power

So be careful!😉



🎯6. guard – “The middle range master”

Guard, indeed, is an underrated shooter!

He’s great at middle range shots!😊

Whenever he is waiting around the penalty arc, give him a chance to shoot…

The point is

  • Shoot as if you’re shooting a chip (lob) shot

Like this!

50 Amazing Chip & Lob Goals In Football



🎯7. architect – “The risk taker”

The architect… he’s hands down the most technically advanced normal player!

When shooting with him, you can go for the most difficult place to shoot!😬

One thing you need to be aware of is that, he doesn’t have much power.

That means he’s not very good at long shots.

However, if the distance is not so far, he can perform any shots that are imaginable!😘



🎯8. menace, engine & explorer – “all-round shooter”

Ok, I’d say that menace, Engine and explorer – these players don’t have particular characteristics.

Just shoot normally.



🎯9. commander – “corner kick getter”

Finally, I have to mention the commander.

As everyone probably already know, his technique is shambolic!😭

Humiliating is also not the word... Beyond everything... Man City 6 vs Chelsea 0

So, what do we do?🤷‍♂️😂

Well just be aware that his shot can be messy.

Of course you can shoot with him, yet also consider getting corner kicks sometimes!



📜case study: Ck or rebound?🤔

Let’s learn about the little extra of the shooting…

Whenever you are shooting, you have to think about the next move, because you can’t score every single opportunity, right?😴

You have do think about,

  • after the goalkeeper catches the ball, am I ok to give the opponent a counter attack?🤔
  • if not, how can I avoid it?🤔
  • maybe at least getting a corner kick?🤔
  • are there any teammates around the far corner?🤔
  • if so, how can I create extra chance for them?🤔


Look at the situation below. If you were the number 10, how would you shoot? (think about it)😏

The answer is, there is no answer.

However, depth of your analysis of the situation and how detailed your prediction for the next move, is very important!🙃

If you shoot at the far post, you’ll create opportunities for number 9 and 11 even if you missed the shot.

On the other hand, by shooting at the near post, you can increase the probability of getting a corner kick and lower the risk of receiving a counter attack.

Other things to think about,

  • are you leading? (if so, don’t take risks)🤔
  • how much time is left? 🤔
  • are your players better at corner kick than the opponent’s?🤔

Yes, it will take time to always come with the best move.

Practice and get experienced!😉



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