Score! Match Tips⚽4-4-2 Counter🧨This Is How to Defeat *Strong*🤡 Players…😉✅

Score! Match is

  • a fun game you can play with mobile!⚽☺️

but, but…

  • You want to defeat *stronger opponents* (with bunch of super players…🤡🤡🤡)
  • You are sick and tired of “The Crossing & Bulldozer™…🗑️

Ok, I’ve been there…😩


Don’t worry brothers and sisters!😉 because,

after reading this article, you are promised to be able to

  • defeat squad with level 10 players in Infinity Arena!
  • (with level 8 normal players!)
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Are you interested? Ok.🤝

In this article, we are going to learn the “hidden tricks” of 4-4-2 formation!

such as

  • best lineup (with only normal players!)
  • defence (high pressing & passive defence)
  • counter attacks (long & short)
  • possession (who to pass to?🤔)
  • the ultimate kick off!

Let’s get started!😉

⚔️ The ultimate 11 for the 4-4-2 formation (with normal players)!

  • GK: Stopper
  • CB: Explorer x2
  • SB: Infiltrator x2
  • CM: Producer & Guard
  • LM: Commander
  • RM: Prowler
  • FW: Intruder & Speedster

💎If you don’t have commander or prowler, use guard or protector instead!

💎If you have multiple intruders or speedsters, use them instead of infiltrator!

First, let’s learn why those players are placed in their positions!

Q. Why do you use “stopper” as GK?🤔

A. That’s because he’s hands down the best GK in the game!

Compare how many goals each GK has conceded in your stats!

Q. Why do you use “Explorer” as CD?🤔

A. In order to cope with the through ball behind the defence!

If your opponents are well experienced, they would definitely try to pass to the space between our defenders and goalkeeper!

Explorer is the best choice (if you only have normal players) to prevent those kinds of attacks!

Plus, having a fast defender is a good way to prevent the squad from suffering from counter attacks!😉

Q. Why do you use “Infiltrator” as SB?🤔

A. In order to block the opponent’s crossing pass!

This 4-4-2 is specially designed to play against stronger opponents (who have super players and level 10s)…

Those players tend to prefer crossing the ball to tall forwards such as Bulldozer.😒

The only way to cope with that attack is to

place a fast SB to prevent the opponent’s side player from performing a crossing pass!

If you have players faster than Infiltrator, such as Intruder or Speedster, use them instead!

SB is lowkey key to this 4-4-2 counter attacks…🤭We’re going to look at this later again!

Q. Why do you use “producer” as CM?🤔

A. In order to create chaos in the opponent’s defence!

By placing the producer in central midfield, his dribble will create chaos in the opponent’s defence!

Suppose you are doing a long counter attack, and the producer seems to have plenty of space to dribble…

Just pass to him! 😊

He will either

  • Pull opponent’s center back forward to create space for our forward
  • Dribble backwards and get a freekick

Watching him dribble is always fun!

Of course, you need experience to “play” with dribbling.

Key is

  • only let him do fancy dribbling when no other option is available
  • only let him do fancy dribbling when there is enough space
  • pass to the direction to which he can change the direction of running


Q. Why do you use “Guard” as CM?🤔

A. In order to bring stability to the attack (counter & possession)!

Guard is easily one of the most reliable player in the whole game (full of narcissistic dribblers🤡)!

If you are not sure where to pass to, pass to Guard!

You can minimize the risk of getting counter attacks if you use guard correctly!

In addition, his defence will create chances for counter attacks!

Q. Why do you use “Commander” as LM?🤔

A. In order to GET THE BALL and create counter attack chances!

Have you ever used commander? or have you ever been a victim of a commander?

His determination to GET THE BALL is insane! (like annoying sometimes tbh😒)

By placing him in the side midfielder position, you can create chances for


which are one of the easiest way to score goals!

In addition, his passing is reliable!

We will look at how he can be one of the key players in attacking as well in this 4-4-2 formation…

Q. Why do you use “Prowler” as RM?🤔

*looks exactly like Gallagher*😂

A. In order to GET THE BALL and create counter attack chances!

The same explanation of the commander applies to prowler as well!

aaand… Prowler is REAL HUNGRY FOR GOALS!🥵

He will behave like a forward even though he is on side midfielder position!

I am going to explain what I mean by this later too…

Q. Why do you use “intruder” & “speedster” as FW?🤔

A. In order to use the space between the opponent’s defender and GK!

This one is obvious!

🛡️ the defence: make ’em cry like a baby!

Alright, let’s get to the most important part of this formation, defence!

There are two types of defence in this formation,

  • Aggressive defence (pressing, in the opponent half of the pitch)
  • Passive defence (in our half of the pitch)

Aggressive defence is, basically, the defence when your opponent is in their half of the pitch. passive defence is the opposite!

🥵aggressive defence: >>> short counter attack!

The process of aggressive defence is…

  1. Chase the opponent’s center back / side back using our forward
  2. Chase the opponent’s side back / side midfielder using our side midfielder
  3. Chase the opponent’s winger / side midfielder using our side back


Obviously, the position of the opponent’s players depends on the situation.

The point is to

  • Always mark opponent’s winger / side midfielder with our side back!

because, the purpose of this defence is not letting the winger perform a crossing pass!🥺

The ideal ending of the defence is

  • getting the ball with our side midfielder!
  • *This is why we placed ball hungry players at side midfielder!*

This creates a delicious chance for a short counter attack!

😴passive defence: >>> long counter attack!

Next defence is passive defence!

Suppose your opponent has possession at your half of the pitch…

What would you do?

The key is to

  • think about what is happening outside of the screen!

Look at this picture…👀

Suppose you have blocked an opponent’s player in the center.

If your opponent is well experienced, obviously he won’t go with central attacks!

Instead, he will pass diagonally to the other side!

In other words, in that situation, you can create long counter attack chances by

  • make side back on the other side tackle to the opponents winger, (who is outside of our screen)!

This, however, is not easy.😎

Yet, with experience, you will know exactly when your opponent is going to pass to the other side.

Things to look for are

  • opponent is experienced
  • central attack is blocked
  • opponent is taking way much time to decide his / her action

Then it is very likely that your opponent is going to pass to the other side.

Make your side back tackle on the other side of the pitch.


Long counter attack!

⚡counter attack: score fast & easy!

😉The basic: how to “lose” the ball!

Before we actually learn how to score goals…

One thing to keep in mind is that


Otherwise, you’ll concede a lot of goals from counter attacks, instead of scoring!

However, it’s not possible not to lose the ball all the time, right?

I know.

The important thing is to be aware of how you lose the ball!

You have to “choose” to lose the ball in those following order (1 is the best way to lose the ball, 6 is the worst)

  1. giving a free kick (outside of their shoot range) to the opponent
  2. giving a throw in to the opponent
  3. giving a goal kick to the opponent
  4. giving the ball to the opponent’s GK
  5. losing a ball by receiving the tackle
  6. giving a free kick to the opponent (inside of their scoring range)
  7. giving a corner kick to the opponent

The funny thing is that giving away the ball by free kick, throw in and goal kick is better than receiving a tackle!

This means that anytime you are in danger of losing the ball by receiving a tackle, you have to consider

  • do nothing and give the opponent a free kick!
  • kick the ball outside the pitch to give the opponent a throw in or a goal kick!
  • pass the ball to the opponent’s goal keeper!

This simple tactic will reduce the risk of receiving counter attacks!😉

⚡long counter attack

Ok, now let’s learn about how to actually score goals!

The most important thing is to know where to pass from the GK!

option 1: pass to guard / commander (play safe)

The safest option is

  • Commander
  • Guard

because these players are really, really reliable!

option 2: pass to producer / prowler (make them dribble)

If those options are not available, I like to pass to

  • Producer
  • Prowler

if there is enough space for them to dribble!

This, however, is a bit tricky. You’ll need much experience to make them dribble without losing the ball!

option 3: pass to intruder / speedster (tricky one)

Next option would be passing to

  • Speedster
  • Intruder

The trick is to pass in such a way, that those players run towards our goal (look at the pic below)

  1. pass to intruder
  2. intruder runs backwards
  3. defender follow the movement of intruder
  4. intruder dribbles to the right
  5. speedster runs towards the space the defence was in
  6. intruder passes to the speedster

This is one of the example, yet you can create long counter attack situation like this!😉

Short counter attack is simpler!

You will create short counter attack chances easily by getting the ball with side midfielders!

The forwards and infiltrators are really good at running. Use them to add spices to the counter!

😉the kickoff : 4-4-2 special edition

The 4-4-2 is a formation designed for counters, yet, in my opinion, you don’t have to abandon kick off!

The best way to kick off is

  1. pass to GK
  2. Gk to Commander

What would you do after you passed to the Commander?

I’ll provide the answer in the next section: possession!

🤙possession: beauty in chaos

Yes, you heard it right, possession!

The good news is that you can play possession football with 4-4-2!

The key is to use Commander wisely! In other words, pass to the commander if you are in danger of losing the ball!

What would you do after passing to the commander?

Well, my favourite moves are

  • pass diagonally to the space on the right (make speedster, prowler, infiltrator run!)
  • pass to guard and restart the possession
  • pass back to explorer (make him run backwards!) and rebuild the possession

Or… this is my favourite move that I’ve never seen no other players using

  1. select intruder / infiltrator as receiver of the pass
  2. make commander pass SLIGHTLY (like he is not passing at all)
  3. intruder / infiltrator will run towards commander
  4. intruder / infiltrator starts dribbling

The best part of this move is that the intruder / infiltrator will either cut deep to the left side, or in the worst case scenario, even if they get tackled, the commander will get back the ball immediately!

This move has got some Slytherin vibes… hasn’t it? hehe😏

*someone’s not pleased with what I’ve just said!?😴*

One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to do “organized possession” (like 3-5-2) with this 4-4-2.

You have to fall in love with the chaos! Be patient and get experience.


As explained before, the weakness of this 4-4-2 is receiving counter attacks.

In order to prevent that, please read the section above I wrote about how to lose the ball.

Be careful especially when you play against fellow counter attackers (such as 4-3-3, 5-3-2)!

Another weakness is the holy “Crossing & Bulldozer™🤡”!!!

The only solution is not to let them perform crossing passes! This is why we placed fast players in the backs.


Ok, that is it folks!

This 4-4-2 isn’t a simple formation. It will take practice and patience.

However, once you master this, you’ll be surprised to have won against powerhouses with a bunch of superplayers!

I promise, those Score Match! maniacs would go nuts to have lost against a squad with level 8 normal players!🤭

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