Score! Match⚽Passing Tips🧙‍♂️Master All 23 Types of Passing!

Score! Match is a

  • fun game you can play casually with mobile!☺️


  • Passing a crucial part of this beautiful game!👏

In this article. you’re going to learn all 23 types of passing, including

  • How to pass to Speedster without getting tackled🥶
  • How to introduce dribbling to the game effectively with correct passing😲
  • How to get penalty easily😈


OK, let’s get started!

A little reminder that I’m going to teach you essential tips first. Expect more advanced, Nobel prize level tips later in the article!😉

In this section, I’m going to teach you what to do when

  • the passer and receiver are in the same horizontal line.


Look at the image below!👀

OK, how should we pass when we want the

  • receiver (number 8) to pass to the same direction (to number 7)
  • as the passer (number 10) did?

Suppose you’re the number 10 in the situation above.🤔

  • pass strong as if you’re passing to the direction you want the number 8 to pass to

In this way, you can convey a message (“pass to the same direction!”) to the number 8 via passing!

Ok, now let’s see how the same rule can be applied to different situations.😃


What if you wanted the number 8 to pass in the opposite direction?

It’s easy.

  • perform a slightly weaker pass

so that number 8 can pass back to 10 (or to number 3)!

You got the general idea of what this is?



What if you wanted the number 8 to pass forward (to number 9)?

Please think and imagine before looking at the answer!

  • perform a pass to the space slightly in front of number 8



Next, you can do the same thing if you want the number 8 to pass to number 4!

All you have to do is to

  • perform a pass to the space slightly behind number 8


Next, what if you wanted the number 8 to dribble?

Then you have to

  • pass the ball to the space around number 8
  • rather than passing directly to number 8!

In this way, number 8 will run towards the ball, and he’ll start dribbling to the direction he’s running!


Now, let’s suppose number 10 is a fast player who loves dribbling, yet tends to lose the ball while doing so😭 (such as speedster).

Then what to do?

My favourite passing in such a situation is to use the “same direction pasing”, which is a skill I mentioned first! (Please take a look back if you’ve already forgotten)

In the picture above, the number 8 performs a strong pass so that the number 10 moves towards the touchline (sideline)!

In this way, even if the number 10 gets tackled, he can at least win a throw in.👍

7. crossing

The seventh skill of horizontal passing is the crossing!

Like real football, you can perform two types of crossing.

lofted (high)

First one is a lofted crossing.

This is effective when the striker (number 9 in the image below) is better at air battle than the defender!

Things I want you to remember about lofted crossing is to

  1. draw a beautiful curve (ugly crosses tend to fail)
  2. make it high enough in the air

If you do these two things above, the chance for the striker to win the air battle becomes higher!

It is also important that the crosser has high technical skill (such as producer and architect)!

grounded (low)

If the receiver is worse at air battle than the defender, you can choose to perform the grounded crossing.

The ideal receiver of this kind of crossing is Prowler, since he can move towards the ball before anybody else!

forward pass

Next, I’m going to teach you the tricks of forward pass!


Suppose you’re the number 4 in the picture, and you want to pass to the number 8, who is marked by a defender!

In that case, you can perform a perfect pass to the number 8, and make him return the ball back to players such as number 3 and number 4!

  • Hammer

is the ideal receiver for this move, because he’s quick to respond and he tends to be conservertive when it comes to passing!


You can also make the receiver dribble to certain directions by passing to the space around the receiver!


One of the most powerful skills is to make the forward (number 9) dribble down the pitch!

In the picture below, the passer (number 4) passes to the space down the receiver (number 9) so the number 9 can move down the pitch and start dribbling!

This is powerful especially when the receiver is fast or good at ball retention.

  • Speedster
  • Intruder
  • Prowler
  • Producer
  • Architect

These players are good at this move!


You can also make the receiver perform a diagonal dribbling.

This is great because the receiver has a higher chance of getting a free kick!


Of course, you can make the receiver move horizontally across the pitch.

This is good for making the defender fail his tackles miserably!😂

If the receiver dribbles forward after avoiding the tackle, he can use the space the defender who has failed to tackle used to cover (and he’s lying on the ground), and it often creates a huge goal opportunity!😘


Lastly, you can make the receiver dribble forward too!

Make sure there is enough space for the receiver to use!

diagonal pass

Next, I’m going to introduce you guys to the tips of diagonal passing!

1. through pass

This is simple. Through ball! Pass to the space in front of the receiver!

2. lofted pass to target man

Next passing is great when

  • you have no other choices
  • no much time is left and you have to score quick

The passing is lofted (high) pass to the target man! (good ol’ classic football move!👴)

In the picture below, the target man is number 9.

In most cases, the ideal target man is Hammer!

This move can be used far away from the opponent’s goal. The process would be

  1. llofted pass to the target man
  2. target man wins the air battle
  3. target man passes by header to the nearby teammates

Don’t do this in front of Pep Guardiola!🤣

3. to the corner

This tip is great especially when you have a speedster in wing (or forward) position!

All you have to do is to

  1. perform a through pass to the corner
  2. speedster gets the ball faster than the defender
  3. defender tackles
  4. speedster gets either corner kick or through in😜

Try this when you have no other choices! If you do this right, you can get a corner kick pretty easily!

back pass

Next, let’s learn a few tips about back-passing!

1. make him move

First tip is the same as the skills we’ve seen before.

It’s important to convey a “message” to the receiver via

  • strength
  • place
  • timing

of passing!

In the case above, the number 8 successfully made the number 4 move toward the right side of the pitch.

2. back “through” pass

⭐OK, this tip is one of the most important in this article!⭐

Have you ever been frustrated when

  • you have no other choice but to pass to fast player (such as speedster)
  • who is in the lower position than the passer
  • yet you’re afraid the fast player would get tackled
  • because he dribbles toooooo much?

I think everyone has!

Then let’s learn this skill: Back Through Pass

In the picture above, suppose the number 3 is that fast player.

What number 10 is doing is

  • performing a through pass to number 3
  • yet to the opposite direction (towards their own goal)

After doing this, the chances for the number 3 to start reckless dribbling lowers significantly!😲

Usually, they either

  • dribbles yet stops before being tackled🥺
  • or immediately pass to other player!

If you master this skill, you can place more fast players in the defence.

“Come here” PASS

Next pass is what I call a “come here” pass!

This kind of passing rarely happens in real football, yet it’s very powerful in Score! Match football!🤡😂

1. win with speed

Suppose the number 8 is a fast player such as a speedster, in the picture below.

Then you can use the “Win with speed” pass!

What you’re going to do is

  1. Select fast player as receiver
  2. Pass to the place just around the passer (number 7)
  3. Fast player runs towards the ball, (which is just around number 7)
  4. Fast player gets the ball faster than defender
  5. Starts dribbling

Try this when

  • you have no choice but to pass to the fast player
  • yet simply passing to the fast player would likely end with him getting tackled
  • and you’re certain that the receiver can reach the ball faster than the defender
  • plus there is much space for the fast player to dribble!

Believe me, if you add this kind of passing to your attack, the opponent will have harder time knowing what to expect from your decision!😵

2. “the switch”

This is one of my favourites!

Look at the image below, the passer (number 7) is positioned really close to the receiver (number 2). “The switch” can be used in this kind of situation!

What you’re going to do is

  • pass just around the passer (number 7)
  • the receiver (number 2) immediately gets the ball
  • the receiver starts dribbling

You can use this technique under similar conditions to the previous skill!

It’s ideal that the receiver is fast.😏

strategic pass

The last tip I’m going to give you is the strategic pass!

These tips don’t make sense on their own, yet they are very useful under certain conditions!

1. clearance

First one is the “Clearance”.

Please remember, sometimes it’s better to clear the ball outside the pitch and retreat the whole squad to the right position!

2. do nothing

Second one is doing nothing. If you do nothing, the opponent gets the free kick from the place where you refused to act an attack.

Sometimes, it’s better to lose the ball in this way than losing the ball in a bad way and suffering from the opponent’s counter attack!😶

3. get the penalty

Lastly, I will give you the tips for getting the penalty more easily.

Basically you can get penalties when

  • your player is inside the penalty area
  • the opponent touches your players body (usually a feet or a leg)
  • the opponent fails to touch the ball

So, all you have to do is to make sure

  • the opponent’s body is going to touch your player’s body
  • kick the ball in such a way, that the ball won’t touch the opponent’s body!

You can kick the ball to wherever you want to, as long as the ball won’t touch the opponent (who is tackling)!

In this way, you have as much as 100% chance of getting a penalty!



OK, I have introduced you guys all kinds of passing you can perform in Score! Match.

Some are familiar with real football, and some are not… yet they are all powerful!

Please try them out in your next Score! Match session!😘

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