Score! Match⚽Penalty Shootout Tips! This (😈dark) Psychology Will Change Your Game Forever!🤯

Score! Match is

  • a fun game you can play casually with mobile!☺️

yet, have you ever thought🤔

  • I always lose by penalty shootouts! What’s wrong with me!🤬


  • PK is just random. I just do this randomly. Don’t care.😪

Well well well…🤦‍♂️


In this article, I’m going to show you the secrets of penalty shootouts of score! match!, using the

  • “Dark” psychology techniques of manipulating the opponent’s decisions!😈
  • Hidden tricks of powerful shots without losing the target!🎯

Interested? OK.

After reading this article, I promise you’ll see the game from a whole different perspective…

Let’s get started!

OK. Firstly, let’s learn about the most basic principle of penalty shootout.

There are basically three places to shoot,

  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right

The question is that, how do I know which to choose?🤔

The answer is quite simple

  1. Remember where the opponent chose in their previous attack
  2. Shoot to the same place

Real simple, right?🤗

But… why?

Well, let’s think through what the opponent can be thinking about (consciously or unconsciously) when choosing where to shoot / defend…

  1. Most players shoot to (left/middle/right) these days…🤔
  2. I think the opponent knows it, so let’s shoot to the opposite direction…🤔
  3. Ok, it’s time for me to defend…🤔
  4. Most players shoot to (left/middle/right) these days…🤔(again LOL)
  5. Let me defend (left/middle/right)…🤔

It’s kinda funny right?

TLDR (too long didn’t read for the below italic areas): When the opponent shoots to (left/middle/right), it means that the opponent thinks it’s the least popular place to shoot in Score! Match

While assuming the opponent can defend well according to the current penalty shootout trend, the player also assumes that the opponent cannot act according to the current trend when it comes to offense!

This is basically because, you’ll feel a lot worse when you’ve known that majority of players would shoot to (left/middle/right) and you failed to defend it because you thought too much, than the other scenario, in which you just assumed the opponent is just same to other players but the opponent shot to the less popular direction!

This behaviour can be explained by “prospect theory”, which won the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics in 2002…, which basically showed that people would act depending more on what they’ll lose than what they’ll gain!

In this case, people in Score! match would (consciously or unconsciously) choose actions that would make them less likely to feel worse afterwards!

So enough with complicated explanations. Just imitate the opponent!😉

📜principle 2: Where to shoot first?

Sooooo, let’s think about where to shoot first!😗

Basically, follow principle 1. However, if you’re the first one to shoot, I’d say

  • Shoot in the middle!

Of course, it depends on the situation. Sense the trends in the Score! Match and decide where the best place to shoot!

📜principle 3: how to shoot? the techniques!

Ok, now let’s learn how to shoot! In this section, I’m going to teach y’all my favourite shooting technique… hehe😏

🎯The “secret” way to shoot in the middle without hitting the gk’s foot or the bar

This one is quite cheatish! I don’t know how I found out but anyways…

The technique is to shoot like the image below!

If you follow the red line, you can shoot with

  • enough height to avoid hitting the goalkeeper’s foot

and enough control

  • not to hit the bar!

Perfect, right? Just try it!

You’ll amazed by how beautiful the curve is!😉

🎯right way to shoot left/right

How to shoot left/right?

Basically answer is, please read this article👍

The summary would be

  • Shoot straight with Hammer/Speedster
  • Shoot to difficult place with Architect/Producer
  • Shoot safe with other players


📜principle 4: first defense!

Ok, from now on. I have to tell you that I’m going to teach you things that are very, very Slytherin…


Read the following sections ONLY if you are willing to do anything to beat your opponent thoroughly!🤯

Ok, with that being said, the first defense is quite simple.

All you have to do is to

  • pick left/right and defend there.

Additional tactic I can give you is… the mighty emoji combo…

  • 😡😭(before the opponent shoots, without break between the two emojis)

That’s right, sometimes football is really petty…

but haven’t I warned you that what I’m going to teach you might go against your morals / values?

Yes I have…

👇This is what I’m going to teach you…

Zlatan Ibrahimović Penalty Goal vs Júlio César | Inter vs Milan (1-1)


By the way, that emoji combo (😡😭) is really, I mean really effective, that you can use it anytime before your opponent shoots! It makes a strange kind of sound…!

*One more tip!*

  • Take as much time as possible before finally choosing where to defend.

This will add extra frustration to your opponent!

📜principle 5: second defense!

OK, this is where things really start to be interesting…

The next thing you have to do is to

  • Threaten the opponent with 😡😡😡emoji combo and 😭😭😭emoji combo
  • That gives signals that “I’m going to attack you with these emojis ok?”🤡

What would the opponent think? Well, they think

  • Ok, this dude’s gonna f**k with me with that stupid emojis.🤔
  • Shooting left/right is too risky because dude’s tryna surprise me🤔
  • OK, let’s shoot to the middle and avoid risks.🤔


You got what I’m going to do next?

Of course defend the middle!😘

How many shoots I’ve saved with this tactic…🤭

📜principle 6: third defense!

Let’s assume that your opponent has fortunately made it to the last kicker… congratulations…

However, they are going to see how well organized our evil plan is!😈

There are two options for the next move…

☝️case 1: If your opponent shot to the middle in the second kick

Case one is, when your opponent shoots to the middle in the second kick.

Let’s think through what your opponent is potentially thinking…

  • Omg dude’s somehow managed to guide me to shot to the middle?😑
  • Wtf I’m not going to shoot to the middle again lowkey creepy this guy😭

Sounds realistic right?

So what we’re going to do is to

  1. Remain silent throughout the defense
  2. Defend left/right

The importance of remaining silent is obvious, we managed to guide the opponent to shoot to the middle by being loud remember?

And defend left or right. You’ll get close to 50% saving rate…😏

☝️case 2: If your opponent shot to the left/right in the second kick

Ok, in case 2, your opponent is kinda mentally strong… at least until they kick their third penalty… (or have read an article from a website called😴)

What the opponent is likely to be thinking is

  • Ok, this guy tried to guide me to shoot to the middle yet he failed HAHA!🤭

Ok, let them know the real power of this evil tactic…

What we’re going to do here is

  1. Remain silent
  2. Let their opponent sense that “this time something is different”
  3. Defend middle

You got it?😏

By remaining silent, you can give your opponent a signal that “I’m going to do something different this time?”…

By defending the middle, we can beat their expectation COMPLETELY!


😈 summary

Ok, that’s it folks!

Just try this method out, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to win the penalty shootout!😉

SLYTHERIN FOREVER!🐍 (I’m not Slytherin btw lol)

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😉 Tell us what you think! 😉


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